Leafcocoon alternative eco coffin for burial


Covid 19: Burial, especially burials that take place in a plastic-free and ecological way, are legal and should be encouraged by all professionals at this time of Climate and Ecological crisis.  If you would like more information, help or advice please give Yuli a call: 07763 935897

As my husband’s burial was during the Covid19 outbreak, we only had four family members present but I sent photos to other family and friends and so many of them commented on the comfortable and comforting appearance of the Leafcocoon.  Two of them even saying that they are going to revise their own funeral plans….   The felted wool and curved shaping made him look safely wrapped, rather than in a hard unforgiving box.  Thank you.”  Q.M – 5th April 2020

The Leafcocoon – a complete wool felt eco coffin with an optional cover.

  • Leafcocoon coffin without cover £900 plus delivery
  • Leafcocoon coffin with plain cover £955 plus delivery
  • Decorated Leafcocoon coffin from £1,155 plus delivery

The Leafcocoon is a complete coffin – nothing else is needed.  The strong wooden bier is integral to the Leafcocoon.  It’s completely ready to receive the body for burial.  There are no hidden extras.  I aim to make all the sizes to keep in stock, ready for finishing to your requirements. The completed Leafcocoon  soft coffin can be delivered very quickly.  Should you require a decorated cover, an extra 1 to 2 days should be allowed.  Suitable for burial in any graveyard, cemetery or burial site. Fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly, it’s hand-made in Devon, England.  This video demonstrates the Leafcocoon and provides more information on ordering, and it’s worth watching the testimonials at the end too!
See below for standard sizes –  for other sizes please contact Yuli

Every coffin cover is individually hand made, so there are no two alike. This price is based on a pattern of simple leaves around the edge to allow space for a wreath in the centre for the funeral.
Extra bespoke decoration is charged at £55 per hour.  Please state your preference for type of native leaf in the order notes at Checkout.  If you are unsure, or would like more information and help, please Contact Yuli.  


“It was the most beautiful funeral I’ve ever been to – yet probably the least expensive. When my friend’s mother died aged 96 her family dispensed with all modern death practices… no embalming, no crematorium and no coffin…. [they] put her into a cocoon embroidered [needlefelted] with leaves made from woollen felt by the artist Yuli Sømme…” – Janice Turner, The Times.

The Leafcocoon is fully biodegradable and a complete alternative to conventional coffins, designed for an environmentally friendly traditional, meadow or woodland burial. It is leaf-shaped, reflecting our connection with nature, with a smooth outline because of the many layers of thick felt.
It consists of:

coffin Base

Base for Leafcocoon coffin – not sold separately

Leafcocoon base – Made of a strong wooden frame, encased in felt, lined to prevent leakage. Six strong handles take the weight. Bespoke versions can be made to order if a specific size/weight bearing is required.

Leafcocoon coffin without cover

Leafcocoon with shroud and no cover

Leafcocoon without cover – £900 The shroud is strapped to the base, has enclosures for head and feet and is double wrapped from the sides. The woollen shroud can also be ordered separately without the base and for use in other coffins.

Leafcocoon without cover 3 copyLeafcocoon with plain cover – £955. Add a plain leaf-shaped cover that shelters the shroud and gives an even smoother outline.

Leafcocoon with decorated cover

Leafcocoon with decorated cover

Leafcocoon with decorated cover – from £1,155. A simple, needle-felted design adds a touch of colour – natural dyes used, of course – and based on native leaf themes.  This price is based on a pattern of simple leaves around the edge to allow space for a wreath in the centre for the funeral.
Please email or ring me if you would like to discuss a bespoke design. Extra decoration is charged at £55 per hour.

I make the bases in different sizes and keep a ready-made stock which can be prepared, finished and delivered between 2 to 5 working days. A 24 hour service is also offered, depending on ready-made stock.  Individually hand-made on Dartmoor from entirely natural materials, using wood and 100% pure organic wool felt from local sources.

Standard sizes:

  • Extra Small – 5′ to 5’4″; any weight up to 16 stone
  • Small – 5’4″ to 5’8″; any weight up to 16 stone
  • Medium – 5’8″ to 6′; any weight up to 18 stone
  • Large – 6′ to 6’4″; any weight up to 18 stone
  • Extra Large for heavier weight bearing OR sizes under 5′ – made to order, please contact Yuli.

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