Leafcocoon alternative eco coffin


The Leafcocoon – a complete wool felt eco coffin with an optional cover.

  • Decorated Leafcocoon coffin from £885 plus delivery
  • Leafcocoon coffin with plain cover £725 plus delivery
  • Leafcocoon coffin without cover £675 plus delivery

The Leafcocoon is a complete coffin – nothing else is needed. Suitable for burial in any graveyard, cemetery or burial site. Fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly, it’s hand-made in Devon, England.
See below for standard sizes –  for other sizes please contact Yuli

Every coffin cover is individually hand made, so there are no two alike. 3 leaf sprigs included – see photos for examples. Please state your preference for type of native leaf in the order notes at Checkout – or Contact me to discuss more detailed designs than those shown. Extra detail may incur an hourly charge.

Order on-line or please Contact Yuli for personal help and advice.

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 Order on-line or please Contact Yuli for personal help and advice.

Carrying leafcocoonThe Leafcocoon complete coffin consists of a soft woollen shroud, enfolded in layers of wool felt, supported by a sturdy wood and felt base with strong carrying handles.

Wool is the only fibre grown in the UK for commercial use and my wool is locally sourced in the UK. No shipping tankers and no mega-ports are involved in it’s making.

The Leafcocoon Alternative Eco Coffin:
  • Leaf cover: the optional woollen cover lies gently on top – plain white or hand-decorated with simple motifs of native flora of your choice. An individual, unique design with three leaf sprigs is included in the decorated cover price – please note your preference in the Order Notes section at Checkout – or contact me.
    •  The design examples shown in the photos above are:
      • Oak, Hazel & Ash
      • Green elm
      • Cherry
      • Chestnut
      • Chestnut gold
      • Ash, Rowan & Hazel
    • This leaf shaped cover can be easily removed at the graveside and kept if desired as a keepsake.
  • Shroud: the body is wrapped in a soft woollen inner cocoon and secured to the frame.
    • There are fastening ties inside the felt layers to ensure stability and safety.
  • Base: a sturdy hidden internal wooden frame forms the strong weight-bearing base, encased in thick woollen felt, sewn in and secured. To ensure that the outer layers remain leak proof, it’s well padded with natural absorbent materials; no liner is necessary.
  • Handles: there are six strong carrying handles, with extra ones underneath for pulling the coffin in or out of a vehicle.
  • Materials: ethically sourced, using fully biodegradable, sustainable, organic, natural and local materials. We also use some recycled materials to further reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Sizes:
    • Extra Small – Up to 5’4″; any weight up to 16 stone
    • Small – 5’4″ to 5’8″; any weight up to 16 stone
    • Medium – 5’8″ to 6′; any weight up to 18 stone
    • Large – 6′ to 6’4″; any weight up to 18 stone
    • Extra Large for heavier weight bearing or other bespoke sizes – made to order, please contact Yuli.
  • Fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternative eco coffin.
  • Suitable for natural burial in a traditional graveyard or in woodland and meadow natural burial sites.
  • Hand-made from pure natural wool felt and local wood in our Dartmoor workshop.
  • The Leafcocoon functions as a complete coffin; no liner or extra support is necessary, although a trestle may be useful for the ceremony (not included for sale).
  • The strong, fully absorbent base construction supports a white felt shroud which securely straps the body in.
  • The shape of the body is hidden in thick layers of felt.
  • Soft but sturdy and easy to carry.
  • The leaf shaped cover can be easily removed at the graveside and kept if desired.
  • Coffin cover designs are based on British native leaves using only natural, eco friendly dyes.

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