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Carefully choosing wool from the right sheep, the right farm and the right environmental management is part of my craft practice.  I have established close working relationships with particular farms in the region over decades and the wool has 100% organic certification.  I feel it’s important I understand the ecology and economy of sheep  farming, and that welfare issues are part of their management.  I favour resilient primitive breeds such as Shetland and Icelandic; these sheep are particularly suited to a regenerative grazing system that enhances ecological diversity and soil health. 

I love the softness of the wool and the range of natural colours.  Each item is made with care and attention to detail and some pieces have small additions of naturally dyed felt appliqué.  All products, including kits, are plastic free.

All the kits are packaged in wool felt bags, and the needling pads are also made of wool, they last a long time and can be composted when they have no use left… although that might not be for a long time!

Free shipping in the UK on selected items and for all Bellacouche Shop orders over £60!

For overseas orders visit my Etsy shop or contact me:
M: 07763 935897

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