Good Funerals Awards WinnerI am hugely proud and happy to announce that Bellacouche won the award for Coffin Supplier of the Year 2013, given out by the Good Funeral Guide.

This is what the judges wrote about Bellacouche:

What especially struck the judges was that those who nominated Yuli had received very great strength and solace from burying their loved ones in her beautiful and artistic ‘soft’ coffins. The Leafcocoons derive their authenticity from Yuli’s integrity and talent. They are crafted from locally sourced, natural and sustainable products. Above all, they make a difference.

Here are some extracts from nominations:

“breathtaking in its design and simplicity – she interpreted our request and ensured that my mothers wishes were met and her final resting place is soft and protecting like that of a baby. Her designs are like a final embrace as you leave this world for the next.”

“The cocoons are handmade from locally sourced, natural materials and beautifully decorated with leaves or flowers.  From first contact Yuli was approachable, professional and sensitive to our wishes. Nanna was a keen gardener and Yuli decorated her cocoon with lovely designs of native flowers. We all found it comforting to know that Nanna was softly cradled in wool and we all felt it was lovely, natural and fitting way to lay Nanna to rest.”

“My children have kept the top cover and take great comfort in cuddling underneath it. It is made only from local wool from dartmoor which also felt right for us.”

“beautiful, totally sustainable and most importantly, totally practical. Stunning.”

“Yuli decorated the Leafcocoon with the particular leaves and flowers which we had chosen and created something soft, natural and truly exquisite. Yuli provided a caring and very personal service which helped us through a very sad time.”

 “It was soft, very beautiful and so much more comforting than a wooden, plastic or cardboard coffin.  Mum’s name was Primrose and Yuli deocrated it with felt primroses.  We had no funeral director or hearse and we carried Mum up the hill afterwards for burial on the moors. As Yuli uses only natural wool and birch that are locally sourced we felt that Mum, being very concerned about the environment, had a very fitting burial.  It was such a completely natural, beautiful and peaceful send-off.”

Thank you to all those who nominated me!

Yuli Somme receiving the Coffin Supplier of the Year Award