I will be adding events as the year rolls by:

19th – 21st February 2015 Bellacouche will be attending the launch of One Hut Full at Exeter Cathedral.  I will be selling the “Make Your Own Dartmoor Sheep” needle felting kit amongst other things.  Do come along and say hello.

“On 19-21 February, a flock of Dartmoor sheep will be gracing the grounds of Exeter Cathedral, in the city centre.  They will be accompanied by a very special shepherds hut.  The occasion is the launch of OneHutFull – an inspired project to support farming on Dartmoor.

The sheep will be Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep – an ancient traditional breed of hill sheep.  They, like hill farming on Dartmoor, face a very uncertain future.  One Hut Full tackles this full on.”  Paula Wolton

One Hut Full launch logo

30th & 31st May 2015 Bellacouche will be at Proper Woolly, a sheep event at Holsworthy Livestock Market:  properwoolly.co.uk

September 2015 the Chapel is hosting Nicky Scott, artist and compost expert for a new exhibition of his work.  Veronica Gould, textile printer/artist and former tenant at the chapel, will also be joining us with some of her vibrant wall-hangings, cushions and prints. I am working on new things too.  Watch this space!

Flo - drawing with wool