Below are some comments from a Death Cafe held recently at Ivybridge:

“It was very interesting to just listen what other people think of death. It gave me a lot to think about, thank you.”  ~ Shirley


“An opportunity to talk about something that has interested me for many years.  A relief not to be met with incomprehension and blank stares or silence. Hope that this café will continue because there is so much more to talk about”

“Enjoyment of the casual/supportive atmosphere. It is unusual for me to talk in a group. I am usually the silent one. I felt so involved in the process that I was able to join in. It makes me feel alive rather than sitting in silence.”

“I am very interested n a visit to the crematorium (although I am away from Ivybridge for 5 weeks). I would also like to know more about the tasks of an undertaker.”

“I am also interested in a Green Burial. Thank you very much for organizing this event.” ~ Diana


“I appreciated the openness of discussion (and non-judgemental listening)  It reminded me of personal/family issues which need more work and attention… as well as motivating me professionally to be part of the  “sea change” of culture that is needed around death and dying!

I look forward to attending again” ~ Shanti


“I had no idea what to expect in fact I was more than a little fearful of what the evening would hold. I am leaving feeling quite comforted and holding the idea that the more death can be spoken about in life the easier grief may be to bear when we have departed. I would like to visit the crematorium to expel fear and myth.

Thank you for organizing this evening” ~ Tracy


Thank you for allowing us to speak of death in the way we should and I will encourage people I know to try a death café. There is always something to learn

I would be interested in a visit to the crematorium” ~ Rose