Soft coffin and shroud FAQs

Are the shrouds and soft eco coffins fully bio-degradable?

Most definitely yes. All my wool coffins and shrouds are made from entirely natural materials which will in time fully convert back to soil. Bio-activity is only present in about the top 9″ of soil, so it helps to put a good layer of compost in the grave before burial, and another good layer before putting back the soil. If you need more information, please ring the studio.

Natural burial – why is it different to cremation?

Natural burial may refer to any kind of burial whether in a traditional churchyard, municipal cemetery, or woodland or meadow burial site. The latter two are relatively new options in a fast growing movement to offer people a more environmentally friendly alternative. In these designated natural burial sites synthetic materials of any description are not permitted as they will not bio-degrade and can be harmful to the soil.

A natural burial area will have a very different look compared to a conventional graveyard, although different sites will have different “styles”. Gone are the headstones, rows of graves, pots of plastic flowers. These are more natural places in harmony with the aesthetics of Nature and nice places to visit.  Funerals in these places can go at their own pace, rather than the hurried slots in a crematorium.

Cremation accounts for approximately 15% annually of dioxins and other emissions into the atmosphere in the UK, adding to the burden of pollution that is affecting and changing our climate. For this reason, and because of the vast amount of gas (fossil fuel) required on a daily basis, cremation is not recommended. However, emissions can be reduced by avoiding glues, plastics and other synthetic materials and embalming fluids.  All Bellacouche shrouds and soft eco coffins are made of natural materials which significantly reduces harmful emissions.

How much weight can the environmentally friendly coffins carry?

We have tested the Leafcocoon soft coffin to carry 18 stone on the normal frame. Larger weights need to be made to order, and just require extra wood. The Oseberg Cradle eco coffin has been tested to carry 25 stone.  Extra large sizes can be made to order.

What about leakage?

There are natural absorbent materials hidden in the base of the Leafcocoon eco coffin which take care of this. No other liner is needed.  The Oseberg Cradle coffin is differently constructed and does not have provision for leakage.

How do you carry the Leafcocoon and the Oseberg Cradle coffins?

carrying the Leafcocoon wool coffin

Carrying the Leafcocoon wool coffin

Both these eco coffins have 6 strong handles encased in wool felt so they are comfortable to carry.  The Leafcocoon is carried low, not on the shoulders.
The Oseberg Cradle can be carried either on the shoulders, or low.

How can I place an order?

You can order by phone, email or order on-line.  I recommend a quick phone call so I can answer any queries you have about timing, cost and how to pay.
Alternatively visit Bellacouche Felt Studio Workshop in Moretonhampstead, Devon UK.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery can be within 2 to 4 days, depending on my ready-made stock.  Bespoke wool coffins and shrouds may need 5 days, on average.  The bases are made in different sizes, but are otherwise all the same. I aim to keep a range ready to be made up and to go out quickly, but I can work to a very tight schedule.

Making a Leafcocoon wool coffin – video introduction with Yuli:

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