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Bellacouche Wool Felt Studio

Bellacouche Leafcocoon wool felt shroud/coffin… thinking outside the box…

Winner of the Good Funeral Guide Coffin Supplier Award 2013   
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Leaf Cocoon hand-made wool felt coffin - Simple Meadow designThe Leafcocoon from Bellacouche is a fully biodegradable ‘soft’ coffin with integral shroud and wood frame, designed for a more environmentally friendly natural burial. The leaf theme evokes the changing seasons of life and is an appropriate choice for a ‘green’ funeral. Individually hand crafted from entirely natural materials, using pure wool felt and wood from a local source. A soft woollen shroud is enfolded in layers of felt, giving the cocoon a smooth outline, supported on a strong wood frame with six carrying handles. The decorated leaf shape cover may be removed just before burial and kept as a memento.

The Leafcocoon wool coffin is a complete alternative to conventional wooden coffins and is suitable for traditional, natural and woodland burial grounds.

Originally designed in collaboration with another felt maker, Anne Belgrave, our starting point was to think outside the box, bringing together a sympathetic and modern style with a sensible choice of sustainable materials; a truly British made, natural eco coffin at an affordable price. Video: Yuli Somme explains how the Leafcocoon works.

“Very real, very grounded, very simple, very beautiful…Your work is so important and so very valuable. Thank you!”
- Emma – Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground

About Leafcocoon wool coffins and Child Cocoon coffins. For more information talk to me on 01647 441405 / 07763 935897 or email: or Visit our Chapel Workshop. Please note new landline number – Bellacouche has moved to Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor, Devon, UK.