Beautiful hand-made items from wool felt – ‘staying close to nature’

Chapel wool felt workshop

Bellacouche Chapel workshop

Bellacouche – meaning “beautiful resting place” – is the old name for the ancient granite building where I started designing and making the Leafcocoon wool felt coffins. Now Bellacouche Wool Felt Studio is set in a beautiful and airy Unitarian chapel in Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor, Devon.

The Bellacouche philosophy is not affiliated to any religion, but respects all religious faiths and the right to believe in none. My ethos is to respect each other, my customers, my local community and the planet.

I aim to be a part of a movement that has a more celebratory approach to funerals as in other cultures, and encourages an imaginative use of rituals old and new.

Wool is my raw material, which is made into felt, classed as a non-woven material.  The pieces are all hand-made, motifs are either sewn or needle felted in. Dyes are always natural.

Dartmoor is where I live and work – a beautiful and wild landscape – and this is an infinite source of inspiration. I am deeply mindful of our environment and the preciousness of nature, so everything I do or make bears this in mind; keeping my impact on the planet as small as possible. ‘Wool miles’ are kept as low as is currently achievable; workshop waste is kept to a minimum, recycling as much as possible and composting the rest on site as part of the management of the chapel grounds.

Yuli Somme, M.A. (Textiles), Feltmaker & Bellacouche Owner


Sustainability: The heart of Bellacouche Wool Felt Studio

As an environmentally sustainable business, Bellacouche Wool Felt Studio offers a friendly and practical service.

Our commitments are to:

  • support local wool producers from Dartmoor and the South-West UK
  • source organic materials whenever practical and possible
  • pay a fair trade price for the materials I use
  • use rare breed and primitives fleece for wool felt making 
  • use entirely natural biodegradable materials
  • recycle and re-use as much as possible, minimise our carbon footprint
  • compost all waste after other recycling options have been achieved
  • limit wool miles
  • offer commitment, sensitivity and integrity towards customers
  • ensure that we enjoy our work!

Bellacouche alternative eco coffins and wool shrouds: Hand-made in Devon, South West UK, from natural wool felt.


Beautiful hand-made items for the home direct from Bellacouche Wool Felt Studio


Moth - Felt wall hangingWe make genuinely useful things for the home that stay close to nature and can eventually return to the earth.

  • Everything is hand-made with ingenuity, skill and careful attention to detail.
  • A love of landscape and the natural world influences our choice of materials and designs.

Wool Felt Tea Cosy – Chicken Design: “Beautiful item and eco-friendly using a natural substance. So pleased with it. I run Chicken keeping courses and this will be pride of place on the tea-pot and I am sure will be a talking point. I will be recommending your lovely products. Thank you Yuli.” – Etsy review

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