Environmentally Friendly Burial

As a felt maker, I have gravitated towards finding new and better ways of making ‘burial vessels’ that are inspired by our history of burial in wool (re: the law of 1666). I also wanted to offer an alternative to the linear and austere box/coffin shape which I personally find intimidating.
Sheep represent the optimum of sustainability, requiring relatively low inputs in return for grazing, and wool is a readily available raw material in all regions of the UK. Ecologically speaking, what more could you want?

Personalised, Decorated Coffins

I have been making the Leafcocoons  for nearly 10 years now.  Most people ordering one are very happy just to have found something that looks and feels more comforting, softer edged, natural and appropriate for the person who has died.

However, as the public become aware that funerals can be self-directed rather than anonymously organised by off-the-shelf packages promoted by large corporations, I am increasingly finding that customers have ideas of their own, and as I offer a 100% personal touch, I enjoy the challenges of specific commissions.

Here is a recently completed unique and beautiful wool shroud – “a coffin liner like no other.”

Flower details of shroud coffin liner

Flower details of shroud coffin liner

Shroud with flower decorations

Wool felt shroud coffin liner with flower decorations