Leafcocoon wool coffin for natural burial


Leafcocoon March 2020

Leafcocoon March 2020


Bellacouche Leafcocoon wool coffin: Staying close to nature

~ “a beautiful way to be laid to rest”

Natural burial is the most environmentally benign practice. For ‘green burial’ to be truly green all the materials used should be of natural origin, organic and as locally sourced as is currently possible. The management of a natural burial ground should be in accordance with sustainable ecological principles. The Association of Natural Burial Grounds gives guidelines and a Code of Conduct for good management of ecologically sound burial grounds. Here is a link to an article about the philosophy of natural burial.

Why choose natural burial?

Wool coffin Daisy designThe Good Funeral Guide puts it very well here: Good Funeral Guide

Bellacouche exists to encourage people towards this more natural return to the soil and away from conventional cremation which accounts for 12% of harmful, polluting dioxins emitted into the atmosphere annually in the UK. Many people are concerned there is no more room for burials, so choose cremation instead. However, more natural burial sites are opening throughout the UK every year, and can be used as part of an integrated grazing system for farm animals, or as a way of creating precious woodland and this encourages wildlife and provides a more diverse habitat on farmland

Natural burial is an altogether gentler, benign and completely natural approach by encouraging wildlife and providing a beautiful setting for friends and family to visit into the future.  Methane or other emissions are not a problem as Nature takes care of everything in the time honoured way.

The Leafcocoon wool coffin is ideal, as all the materials are local and require minimal processing before being entirely handmade in the Moretonhampstead workshop in Devon.
This is a new and gentler approach, reflecting awareness of the environment, staying close to nature, intrinsically soft and comforting.

  • Made of 100% natural biodegradable materials, local wool and wood.
  • Great attention has been given to the practical detailing of the Leafcocoon wool felt coffin, combining aesthetics, ethics and functionality. A sympathetic and modern style with a sensible choice of sustainable materials: a truly British made, natural eco coffin at an affordable price.

“Family members who had been sceptical about a ‘green’ funeral completely changed their views once they saw mum in her Leafcocoon in the chapel of rest. All agreed this was a beautiful way to be laid to rest”. A.W. March 2011

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Video by Charlie Shread, music by Dhevdas Nair.

Leafcocoon wool coffin detail - Forget-me-not Design