How to get rid of clothes moths – without chemicals

August is the time when these creatures are most active. They like to hide away in dark dusty, undisturbed places, especially where there is wool of any description. So this is the ideal time of the year to make life very uncomfortable for them.

I annually have an August Oust – chemical free, of course. My tool kit is a vacuum cleaner and a good steam iron. So get vacuuming! Steam iron any clothing that has been attacked. Hang woollens out in the sun for a jolly good airing.

You can spray essential oils into draws and those dusty corners; camphor, lavendar, eucalyptus, tea tree – any of these will mask the smell from the moth, but is not a guarantee against attack.

If you have any Bellacouche product that has suffered damage please get in touch and I will mend it free of charge!

Moth wool felt wall hanging