Child Cocoon shroud – A comforting and soft alternative

Swan Cocoon for Baby

A beautiful, soft and comforting alternative which can aid the process of grieving at a time of great suffering. The baby or child Cocoon shroud is a gentle container of organic wool felt of a simple construction with a cotton wrap inside. Unlike a wood coffin, these Cocoons can be easily held and cradled, while having enough firm structure to be held safely.   

“It worked perfectly.  The Swan Cocoon felt perfect for Z…..  It was so beautiful and it felt as though we were wrapping her in love, ready to let her go so she could fly free.  Thank you”. Josie A.  March 2021.

“It is a work of art in itself. It feels just like a warm soft snuggly blanket in which to bury Christopher in. I am so pleased with it.”  D. J.  January 2019Swan cocoon 1

“Just wanted to say a personal thank you to you for the beautiful cocoon you supplied for the family I have been supporting. It was lovely to place her into something so natural and warm and I know her family will have taken great comfort in being able to do that.”  Natalie – registered children’s nurse. 

Baby Leafcocoon

These plain white Cocoons can also be decorated with motifs as with the adult Leafcocoons, and names added.Phoebe

Carefully hand made entirely from sustainably sourced, organic natural materials.  Suitable for burial or cremation in most cases.

Ordering a Baby or Child Cocoon soft coffin

Cost:  £215 for size up to 60cm, includes delivery.    Prices on application for larger sizes that need similar structure to the adult Leafcocoon.  Each Baby or Child Cocoon is hand made individually to order so please call or email me to discuss your specific requirements.  Delivery within 2 – 5 days.  Special arrangements for payment by instalments can be made.

Thank you for sending us the Little Cocoon as promptly as you did, and for producing something which helped to make the burial more bearable… it was so beautiful.”