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Button Tuffet – 100% pure wool felt seat pads


Little Miss Muffet likes her Tuffet to be made of a blend of 100% pure, organic primitive breed wools!

These Tuffet seat pads are perfect for garden chairs, indoor seats, for kneeling on whilst weeding the garden, or picnicking on damp grass. They make a hard chair soft, or a damp seat dry!

You can buy them individually or as a set of all four colours at a reduced price.

Please note that the colours are naturally dyed and vary in tone.

  • Measure: 14″ X 15″ – but you can have any size made to measure, please email for more details.
  • Hand-made of 3 layers of felt
  • Organic, locally sourced, rare breed wools
  • 10% off for a set of four

“I LOVE them and the whole way you feel, felt and work.”   Linda, November 2015


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Tuffet – 100% Pure Wool Felt Seat pads for all hard chairs, benches and damp grass.

These garden bench or chair pads can be made to measure – Please email or ring me for details: or 01647 441405

“I LOVE them and the whole way you feel, felt and work.  Thank you for the heartwarming and inspiring book.” Linda, November 2015


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Spills on felt can usually be easily sponged off.  Wool has the wonderful ability to ‘wear clean’, in other words, it will hold a lot of dirt before it is noticeable, so frequent washing is unnecessary and environmentally undesirable.  Also, depending on the vigour with which you wash the felt, a certain amount of shrinkage will happen, which on the one hand strengthens it, and on the other, makes it smaller.  So care must be taken to be gentle.

Hand washing of felt can actually improve its quality and strengthen it.

Wash in hand hot water using any good bar or powder soap, rinse, squeeze in a towel, pull into shape and leave to dry.