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Beautiful hand-made items from wool felt, using regionally sourced wools.
*Spend £50 or more and I will include a free copy of my publication, Deeply Felt (normally £6).
Plus free shipping for shop orders over £60!
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  • Needle felting kit contents

    Needle Felting Tool Kit


    Needle felting is growing in popularity for a very good reason; it is an incredibly versatile craft, highly enjoyable and creative.  But it begins with the right tools that are a joy to work with.  Here they are, all in one beautiful, organic Shetland felt bag.

    • Turned wood 3-needle holder tool. Reverse them to store inside the tool.  It’s neat!
    • 7 layer organic felt needling pad.  If you keep the layers separated it will survive heavy use.  Otherwise, turn it into a kneeling pad!
    • 6 needles – 36 gauge
    • Skein of mixed coloured tops – Shetland wool
    • Presented in a Shetland felt bag

  • Neck or lumbar pillows

    Neck or lumbar pillow


    “The lumber pillow… works a treat, particularly if I am sitting working on the laptop a long time. A genius little thing.” (Customer S. Adams 2016) 

    As with all my other products these elegant pillows are made from 100% organic wool, locally sourced and from a blend of rare and primitive breed sheep.  The dyes are natural so please expect variability within the range.

    So lie back and rest with this under your neck, head or lumbar.  Take it with you when you’re travelling and it’ll make you just that little bit more comfortable.  This is a loose roll of felt, within a roll of felt, so soft to rest on.

    Measurements: 45cms length X 34cm circumference (approx)

  • 3 woolsacks

    Woolsack – felt containers

    Gorgeously useful double skinned felt containers for storage.
    Individually needle felted sheeps head motif adorns each container.
    The outside is made from organic Shetland blended with Icelandic fleece; the inside is a blend of Hebridean, Manx and Devon closewool.
    You couldn’t get much rarer than this! A beautifying way of keeping things tidy.

  • Tuffets round the tree

    Tuffet Seat Pads – 100% wool felt

    Little Miss Muffet
    Likes her tuffet
    Made of 100% Pure Wool
    These Tuffets measure approx. 33cm X 45cm and are perfect for garden chairs, indoor seats, for kneeling on whilst weeding the garden, or picnicking on damp grass. They make a hard chair soft, a damp seat dry! Made up of 2 layers of wonderful insulating felt, with a choice of motifs to complete their simple elegance.
    Made-to-measure is also available. Please contact me for details.
    *Material: pure wool felt
    Order all 5 designs and save £15!

  • Mid Grey Cat Tea Cosy - wool felt

    Cat Coffee pot & Tea pot Cosy

    Cats to keep your tea or coffee hot.
    Made from thick Shetland wool felt with needle felted features, all with individual faces and markings to bring a smile to the table.
    Click below to see which sizes and colours are available.

  • ArtFelt Needle Felting Course

    ArtFelt – a course in needle felting as an art form


    This beautifully presented complete needle felting kit includes

    • instructions
    • turned wood 3-needle tool + spare needles
    • natural, locally sourced wool

    An environmentally friendly kit for aspiring and established artists.  There’s no packaging – the bag that holds the kit together transforms into the needling pad, and then can be used to frame your pictures!

    The art of drawing does not have to be confined to pencil and paper.  There are many materials which can produce line, and Artfelt offers freedom and flexibility as an art form, using an abundantly available, versatile material; wool.

    Learn to create fine to bold lines, shading and texture using the natural sheep colours and a dash of madder-dyed wool.  The instructions are clear and detailed and the best tools and materials are included.  You can also order extra materials at any time.

    Not suitable for children under 12 unless supervised at all times because of sharp needles.

  • Wool felt Christmas trees 2015

    Felt Christmas Tree decoration


    Inspired by spending 5 days on my own in a little cabin in a Norwegian forest, these Christmas trees are individually made and measure approx. 20cms X 10cms (that’s 8″ X 4″).  They are all different!

    Hang it on a wall or even on your Christmas tree.  It makes a lovely, light little gift to send a friend (or two!).  And it will last year after year.  They come mounted on a “Real Dartmoor Souvenir” product card, with some extra information about wool.

    If you buy 4, I will put an extra one in free of charge.

  • Swan web

    Origami Felt Swan Kit – needle felting kit


    Therapy in making…

    The swan holds spiritual significance in many religions of the world, notably St.Brigid, or Bride, holds the symbol of the swan as the patron for childbirth.  This kit offers you a new challenge; origami with a difference!

    This eco-friendly, packaging-free kit is presented in a lovely felt bag, which becomes the needling pad: 

    30cm square organic Shetland wool felt:  Needling tool + 3 felting needles:  Yarn and sewing needle:  Comprehensive instructions


    Sharp scissors.

    Not suitable for children under 12 years unless supervised at all time because of sharp needles.

  • Feet Felt kit

    Feet Felt Kit – walking in wool to make felt!


    Fun Felt Feet Felt Fun! Watch the video…

    Make these beautiful moulds of your feet in the best of British wool: Blue-faced Exmoor.  A tried and tested experience that transforms wool into felt as you walk.An ancient legend tells of how the art of making felt began; a pilgrim used wool to protect her feet from blisters whilst walking.  As she walked, the friction and moisture from her feet created the perfect conditions for transforming wool into felt.This is my adapted version which recaptures this ancient happening; it’s an experience resulting in beautiful moulds of your feet as an art object for display (they are not suitable as slippers as they are too soft!).  This is a lovely project to do with friends, family and children.  Walking, dancing or active games are required for up to an hour for the felting to happen.

    As always and in keeping with my local sourcing ethos, the wool comes from British farms only.

    What’s in the kit:

    • DVD which gives excellent instructions, plus a film of the original art project, interviews   and lots more
    • enough Blue-faced Exmoor British wool for 3 to 5 people, depending on foot size
    • printed notes/ instructions
    • presented in this beautiful felt bag

  • Square 100% Wool felt Tuffet seat pads

    Button Tuffet – 100% pure wool felt seat pads


    Little Miss Muffet likes her Tuffet to be made of a blend of 100% pure, organic primitive breed wools!

    These Tuffet seat pads are perfect for garden chairs, indoor seats, for kneeling on whilst weeding the garden, or picnicking on damp grass. They make a hard chair soft, or a damp seat dry!

    You can buy them individually or as a set of all four colours at a reduced price.

    Please note that the colours are naturally dyed and vary in tone.

    • Measure: 14″ X 15″ – but you can have any size made to measure, please email for more details.
    • Hand-made of 3 layers of felt
    • Organic, locally sourced, rare breed wools
    • 10% off for a set of four

    “I LOVE them and the whole way you feel, felt and work.  Thank you for the heartwarming and inspiring book.”   Linda, November 2015


  • Chicken tea cosy

    Coffee Pot or Tea Cosy in pure wool felt – Chicken design


    Indulge the chicken loving tea drinker!

    This wonderful tea cosy or cafetiere cover is handmade from beautiful Shetland wool and natural dyes.

    Felted wool to keep your tea (or coffee) warm.

    32cm X 21cm fits most large tea pots
    26cm X 19cm fits most medium tea pots
    22cm X 23 cm fits medium cafetiere or coffee pot

  • Bead Necklace Felt Craft Kit

    Felt Craft Kit – How to make a wool necklace

    Easy Felt Crafts: Everything you Need to Learn How to Felt Wool
    This Wool Felt Craft Kit makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend, for anyone who wants to try their hand at making felt. It’s really not difficult, and something you can do in an evening (or two). The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.
    In the bag you will find enough wool to make this lovely, warm necklace, plus instructions and thread for sewing it together. The wool is all British: Shetland (natural colours) with white Blue-Faced Leicester.Suitable for children aged 10 years to adults