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New Wave Textiles 

This article is dedicated to Tim Green, who died in February 2017 Over thousands of years humans have had such an impact on the landscape in the UK, it is hard for us to recognise now what is ‘natural’ and what is man-made.  We are so used to seeing the uplands denuded of trees that […]

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Feet Felt – Walking in Wool

Feet Felt – Yuli Sømme I was inspired by the legend of a wanderer or shepherd using scraps of wool to protect her feet as she walked and discovering the transformation from wool to felt.  During a long trek through Norway I did the same and beautiful little toe caps happened, far more effective than […]

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Transformative Powers through Making

Back in the last century I was a maker of colourful hand-made felt tea cosies, felted seamless jackets and hats, and the occasional wall hanging. As a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, I was visiting schools on the Big Hand Little Hand scheme getting children and young adults involved in making felt, hopefully […]

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The Enfolding Earth

The Enfolding Earth – our full and entire connection with Nature Walking in a French cemetery, I was struck by the lack of anything remotely natural.  Paths were heavily gravelled, tombs, gravestones and other monuments were made of stone or concrete.  There was an implicit nod towards Nature reflected by ceramic flowers and carvings of a bird […]

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Comparing wool with cotton and bamboo

Below are some environmental comparisons of wool with cotton and bamboo fibre: Wool locally abundant (UK) produced by grass fed animals, therefore little or no outside input is required, such as foreign produced feedstuffs land is not ploughed, therefore sequestering carbon in permanent pasture an annually produced crop, the sheep are sheared and return to […]

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