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Thinking about soil – 2017

To set the scene, here’s a poem by the wonderful Matt Harvey: Much Ado about Nothing Don’t spoil the soil.  You’ll foil the toil  of all who shuffle round this mortal coil. Clean it from under your nails and off vegetable skin, but keep it clean from poisons for the planet to win Because soil, […]

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Devon Environmental Business Initiative Award Finalist

I’m really happy to announce receiving a Finalist certificate for this award.  The winner was the Exeter Pound (hard to beat!).  This was the second time I’ve been to the award ceremony at the Met Office in Exeter.  The first time was a few years ago when Nicky, my husband, won the Environmental Champion award. […]

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Community Supported… Textiles?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is now a growing phenomenon.   Can we look to a similar model for more sustainable textiles? Click on the link below to read the article published in September 2016 in Felt Matters (International Feltmakers Association magazine). New wave textiles ifa article 1

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The Power of Feet Felt!

Click the link below to read my article published earlier this year in the International Feltmakers Association magazine, Felt Matters.  It’s about how I interpreted the ancient legend of how felt making began, and turned it into a powerful experience to be enjoyed by groups, schools and individuals.  You can buy the kit in my shop, […]

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